My inner yoga

Yoga language doesn’t need translation. Yoga is International not only on 21 of June ( international yoga day). It comes from India and lives all around the world now. So that’s why I decided to choose English language for this page. And it is a part of my svathyaya again as I’m not English native speaker and just keep practicing it. So please forgive my mistakes if any will happen. So…

I am Nina

I am in yoga for years. And now I am completely brand new yogateacher. This blog is my way to fix progress on my yoga path, to share it and possibly to get feedback (what I would especially appreciate).

Yoga is in my life and I follow it also while I am  performing other roles: woman, daughter, girlfriend, manager, colleague, friend, teacher. Yoga helps me coordinate and balance all them and feel in the moment.

ViNiyoga is for my family name and my name. It is also for my school or style of yoga as well as Hathayoga. Now I feel right to join traditions of Hathayoga and individual approach of Viniyoga in my practice.

Here I plan to share my experience of being happy in so many different roles, keep feeling of the moment and love myself, my family and Earth. Join me in my blog and also join my practice in Moscow